Essay On Carbon Footprinting

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1. Introduction: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the important green house gases (GHGs) emitted in the atmosphere through various human and natural activities. The human activities include rapid industrialization and urbanization, deforestation, excessive use of fertilizers in agriculture, excessive use of fuels, papers and many other manmade resources whereas natural activities include volcano eruption, forest fires, earthquakes etc. Emission of GHGs in the atmosphere leads to global warming which is one of the primary reasons behind the atmospheric changes that affect the human life directly or indirectly. The consequences of global warming are extremely harsh seasons, untimely rains, extended summers and floods that results in human deaths, destruction of flora and fauna in addition to the huge economical losses. Although not much can be done to emission of GHGs from natural sources, but emission through human activities can be evaluated and corrective measures can be suggested so as to minimize them. Carbon footprinting is the measure…show more content…
These educational institutes supply skilled human recourses to the industrial estates in this area. In order to create skilled work force, educational institutes undertake many activities which adds to the carbon footprints. These organizations also utilize significant resources such as water, electricity, paper and fuels that significantly add to the carbon emission. It should be noted that, the consumption of recourses by schools, colleges and universities is unavoidable as they are the centre of excellence and pillars of nation building as they supply skilled work force for development. But the additive effect of GHGs from educational institutes may be a significant contributor to overall carbon emission in this part of

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