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Carcinoid tumors may sometimes be asymptomatic, but in a certain number of patients they may present with certain symptoms. The signs of the illness are not definite and depend significantly on the location of the tumor. Hormones released into the blood by one out of ten carcinoid tumors are responsible for causing the symptoms of the illness. Factors including stress, heavy exercise, and alcohol consumption lead to symptoms in several patients with carcinoid tumor. Food containing tyramines (such as chocolate, blue cheese, red wine or red sausage) may also provoke characteristic symptoms. Primary Symptoms of Carcinoid Tumor Tumors that occur in the endocrine system may release hormones into the blood, which may also lead to many other…show more content…
As carcinoids progress at a slow pace, the symptoms often go by unnoticed for many years, thus are often detected by medical procedures used to diagnose/treat other conditions. A person suffering from lung carcinoid tumor shows signs of the illness because of the hormones entering the bloodstream, bypassing the liver. Lung carcinoid tumor does not cause carcinoid syndrome, which is generally the case with gastrointestinal tumor. The symptoms of the lung carcinoid tumor are: • Cough (with or without bloody sputum or phlegm) • Chest pain • Wheezing • Shortness of breath • Diarrhea • Redness or flushing • Rapid weight gain, specifically over the midsection and upper back • Pink or purple stretch marks on the skin • Post-obstructive pneumonia caused by blockage of tumor in a large air passage, leading to an

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