Essay On Cardiac Catherization

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The health question that this author chose to investigate further is ambulation and changing positions of patients after cardiac catherization procedure and how it affects the patient. The topic of cardiac catherization is relevant to public health and nursing because as a nurse, we may be taking care of patients that have suffered a heart attack and had a cardiac catherization to fix the clot that is in the patient’s heart. Nursing care after the cardiac catherization procedure is vital in the patient’s healing process. About three million cardiac catherization procedures are completed every year in the United States (Valiee, Fathi, Hadizade, Roshani, & Mahmoodi, 2016, p. 106). Knowing how to take care of these patient’s is vital in nursing care and interventions, especially if he or she is working in a unit that would receive the patient after the procedure.
Biostatistics can greatly help any nurse in any situation make an informed decision. Biostatistics is a vital “tool for medical research, clinical decision making, and health management” (Gore, Kadam,
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The writer currently works in an emergency room that has a cardiac catherization lab. Therefore, the emergency room sees patients that are suffering from a myocardial infarction that go up to the cardiac cath lab. This author finds it interesting to see what common nursing interventions are performed after a cardiac catherization because this author does not get to see what happens after the procedure. This author found it interesting that getting a patient up and changing position in bed can make a difference in comfort without increasing risk of bleeding. In nursing school, student nurses are taught not to move the patient after a cardiac catherization and to keep the sandbags on to prevent bleeding, it is interesting to see how often and quick nursing interventions can change based on evidence based
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