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The care support worker needs to show that they develop and maintain relationships that promote the views, preferences and independence of service users. By realising that they are adults and have a right to choose the way in which they are treated or cared for. This includes the service user taking their medication and deciding if they need certain precautionary measures. Support and treat all service users as individuals and with respect and dignity when considering their needs and preferences. This involves asking them their opinions on every aspect of their daily lives. Finding a balance for those who wish to be, and letting them be as independent as possible, so long as that while doing so they do not put themselves or others at fatal…show more content…
An example of this could be; You are a live-in care support worker for a service user who is of a certain culture. She needs to be examined by a doctor as she has a complaint. By her culture and beliefs, she is not allowed to let a male examine her, so she asks for a female doctor only. This is her right to do so and the care support worker must ensure that only a female doctor attends her home, or when taking her to the appointment, ensure that it is arranged for her to be seen by a female doctor only. If a male doctor attends her as there is no female doctor available at that time for whatever the reason, and the service user refuses, then the care support worker must abide by her wishes and beliefs and arrange for another time when a female doctor can see her. Or a service user may have a special requirement in their personal hygiene care. An example of this could be that the service user cannot use soap for washing. They might have a very bad skin (eczema,) which would only be aggravated using soap as the soap would only dry their skin more. The service user might need to have an emollient put into their water for washing instead of

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