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In the winter semester, I participated in three activities for building different experiences and professional skills which are relevant to my future program and career. The first one I attend on February 27th is Career exploration orientation, and this activity was organized by the Career Exploration Coordinator who named Analise Anderson-Ma. It was located in Student Success Seminar Room, Koffler Student Services Centre. The second one was a Planning for Research and Assignments workshop, and The Academic Success Centre organized it in Blackburn Room, fourth Floor of Robarts Library on February 28th. And then I had a part-time job in a milk tea shop. The address of this shop is 385 Spadina Ave. I have to work six hours per week since January.…show more content…
I did a lot of searching before I found the part-time job, I have more information about the recruitment website, and it helped me to lay the foundation for the future career. As an Economics Marketing students, I should have a logical mind. For example, I need to make bubble tea follow the script step by step. And I need to be clear about the daily work content. The job creates a chance for me to thinking independently and thinking from a variety of perspectives to strengthen my thinking logic ability. Also, When I was in working, I need to serve different customers because they may not please about the food. And then I have to communicate with them and try to solve the issue and let every customer enjoying their time in Spot milk tea. Doing part-time job assisting me to reduce the tension with strangers and I gradually can deal with different kinds of problems very well. In the long run, I can gain many work experience through a part-time job and prepare for my future career. It helps me adapt to the society better, and I start to realize my shortages, and it is good to see I am correct myself. And I also found that doing well in a part-time job can helps me build my confidence in defining my future development goal. (See the Appendix C for the detailed information about the part-time job.) Taking All the three activities enriched my knowledge future study and development a lot. It makes me can better prepare for next year's study. I will keep searching events such as workshop and conference like these activities in the future. I also have a brief understanding of the process of how to find and apply for these

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