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In the winter semester, I participated in three activities for building different experiences and professional skills which are relevant to my future program and career. The first one I attend on February 27th is Career exploration orientation, and this activity was organized by the Career Exploration Coordinator who named Analise Anderson-Ma. It was located in Student Success Seminar Room, Koffler Student Services Centre. The second one was a Planning for Research and Assignments workshop, and The Academic Success Centre organized it in Blackburn Room, fourth Floor of Robarts Library on February 28th. And then I had a part-time job in a milk tea shop. The address of this shop is 385 Spadina Ave. I have to work six hours per week since January. All of these activities are beneficial to my future development. (See the Appendix A,…show more content…
And I try to use the method that Coordinator teaches us in the orientation to design my resumes for different kinds of works in the future. These skills are essential for me to apply for work in the Canadian market. Because a resume is the most direct, intuitive and convenient way, your employer can know about you in a short time. What’s more, this activity is relative to my major program in the next year; I am planning to apply for the Economics and Marketing. Therefore, this activity provides me with a great opportunity to preview the knowledge. More importantly, after attending this activity, I have a better understanding of how to build the networking with my future partner. I understood that the importance of networking for my future career development. Networking is to build up a beneficial relationship with our customers. By establishing networking can help me to create more business profits which also provide me a great chance for my career development. (See Appendix A for the detailed information of this

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