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What is the Carnivorous plants? After watching a scary horror movie, I always wondered how and why plants eat living things. Plants that eat and get nutrients by living things are called Carnivorous plants. They get nutrients from the insects. Carnivorous plants attract and eat insects, however they are completely harmless to humans. There are five major types of Carnivorous plants and they are: Sundews, Pitcher plants, butterworts, bladderworts, and the Venus’s flytrap. More than 150 different types of insects are known as the food of Carnivorous plants. But they also can eat arachnids (spiders and mites), mollusks (snails and slugs), earthworms, and small vertebrates, such as small fishes, small birds. This means that the Carnivorous plants can eat…show more content…
After the insects are attracted, Carnivorous plants kill them by their own ways using their tools in their body. The pitcher/pitfall traps have a door on its rolled leaf. When the insects sit on he closed door, the door get opened so that the insects fall down until the bottom of the rolled leaf. At the bottom, there is the digestive enzymes, which make the plants to absorb the insects and get nutrients. The Flypaper trap plants have a sticky mucus on its leaves. It usually has an attractant, because they can’t catch insects if the insects don’t sit on their leaf. After the insects sit on the leaf, they can’t run away from it, because the sticky mucus on the leaf make insects stick to the leaf. After the insects get caught and died, the flypaper trap plants will start to absorb the insects. The snap trap plants have 2 fast leaves. When the insects sit down on one of the leaves, the leaves will be closed, and the insects are unable to escape from it. The “snap prison” is the name of the

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