Carthage Vs Romans In The War Essay

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Carthage Vs. Romans in the War University of the People Word count: 1150 Abstract In this paper, I will trace how Carthage became almost the equal of Rome. I will also address the strength of both and how this conflict led to Rome becoming a naval power. Keywords: Carthage, Rome, Naval Carthage Vs. Romans in the War Participants With the Roman empire already at a peak in their power scheme when they had the great defeat of the Latins. With the other smaller defeats of other territories they had been able to grasp for more power and strength through numbers. With Rome on the verge of becoming the Ultimate Power House, they now wanted to move their empire further and farther than their opponents. Carthage was in the way of their reach for power so Rome decided it would take it for its own (Morey, 2012) (para 1). We know that Carthage was the hot spot for trading and for ships to dock to load up on different supplies and also deal with the everyday wear and tear of their ships. Knowing this fact, it is easy to see why Carthage became such a focal point city. To understand why Carthage and Rome came to blows we must understand the power that Carthage actually had, “She had formed commercial treaties with the chief countries of the world. She coveted not only the Greek cities of…show more content…
With a treaty that they had agreed upon with Carthage, it was no surprise that when Carthage looked to Sicily to gain more power Rome had to step in. With this intervention the first of the Punic Wars broke out. When the wars were over, the people that fought for Rome seeked help in getting out of debt and recovering their lands, they looked to anyone for help in these desperate times. Rome believed that if they did not assist these people they would look towards their opponents in Carthage for help, so rome gave up much needed funding to assist these people and debts were

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