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Title: Eat local: East Bali Cashews History of cashews in Bali, how cashews are grown in Bali, cashew products in Bali Meta description: The article throws light between the connection between Bali and cashews. It also specifies how cashews are grown in Bali along with some of the cashew products. Introduction: If you think of Bali as just a place that is famous for luxurious resorts, villas, and exotic beaches then you are totally unaware of the other side of the story. Bali has a strong and effective connection with the cashew nuts. Most of the regions are so perfect for the production of cashew nuts that many of the people have invested in the production of this nut. Also, cashews are always in high demand in Bali and thus growing and using…show more content…
Once the cashews are harvested, the entire slot of cashews is collected for further processing. The collected cashews are processed using hands along with cold cracked, peeling and then packaging. As the soil of east Bali is just perfect for the production of cashew nuts, the quality of the nuts is high and the risk of any damage and quality is very less or almost negligible. The farmers of east Bali region make the best use of the potential land region for producing the best high-quality cashews with consistent hard work and efforts. East Bali has evolved as one of the finest producers of cashew nuts, which further are used in plenty of dishes and food items for enhancing the taste and quality of the food. The cashew products in Bali: It won't be wrong to say that Bali is one of the leading producers of cashew nuts high-quality with the best of methods. The east Bali cashews have positively impacted the production of cashew nuts in Bali along with improving the methods and ways for producing cashews. As the demand for cashew is high in the region, it is not used in various food items but there are many products that are made from the high-quality of cashews. Some of the popular products that can be found in east Bali are as follow: 1. Cacao cashew nuts 2. Chili Lime cashew

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