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Boys’ Casual Shoes Buying Guide Young boys are an active lot. They need a few pairs of casual shoes at any given time to complement their busy schedule. Buying casual shoes for your munchkin can be a daunting task without the proper knowledge about them. Get them shoes that not only support their active schedules but contribute to good foot health. Size, comfort, and fit are some the important factors to consider while buying shoes for young boys. You can choose from designs that ensure durability, or go for beautiful pairs that team up with their attire for fancy outings. Boys outgrow their footwear quickly. Therefore it’s important to keep adding a pair to their collection once in a while, so that they have a couple of pairs to pick from,…show more content…
The following characteristics in soles contribute greatly to the quality of shoes. Flexibility Children’s feet are not fully formed until they turn 12. So it’s best to buy shoes with flexible soles so they don’t affect the feet while walking or playing. Non-flexible soles can hamper the feet’s natural growth and development, and should be avoided completely. Bend the shoe upwards to check their flexibility. Let your child’s bones and muscles develop while they adapt to their environment, with flexible soles. Friction Little boys and toddlers are always on the go. It’s necessary to offer them shoes with soles that do not skid or slide while they are running, walking, dancing, or engaged in other activity. Go for flat soles preferably in rubber, or choose from other varieties with grooves for better traction. Many shoes contain shock absorbent materials that provide better comfort to the feet. Durability Kids wear their shoes mostly while stepping out of their homes. Therefore, their footwear should be able to withstand most elements. Apart from toddlers’ shoes which are made mostly with fabric, kids’ shoes should be made of soles that are waterproof to keep the feet dry. Choose the right material while buying boys’ casual

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