Olive Oil Benefits

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The health benefits of olive oil for humans are clear and well-documented. Adding olive oil to your own diet, however, may have led you to wonder, can cat 's eat olive oil? The answer is yes, and doing so can improve their health in a myriad of ways. Here 's a look at why not only can cat 's eat olive oil but why some of them absolutely should.


Cats groom themselves a lot and ingest large amounts of hair while doing so. Some of this hair simply passes through their digestive system and out of the body. Sometimes, however, a cat will ingest more hair than her digestive tract can process. The result is the coughing up of a nasty hairball, often left somewhere you would rather it wasn 't. A regular olive oil regimen can greatly reduce hairballs by lubricating the digestive tract, making the hair easier to pass into and through the intestinal tract.


Routine consumption may offer health benefits, but can cat 's eat olive oil as a natural medication? When they are constipated they can. If your feline friend hasn 't left you any presents in the litter box for a day or two, he is probably constipated. Fixing constipation in cats is important since the condition sometimes becomes chronic and is
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It is possible to give your pet too much of this good thing. If your cat eats too much olive oil he is likely to develop a case of diarrhea. Some experts have concluded that excessive amounts of olive oil may destroy vitamin A, potentially causing a vitamin deficiency. It is of note that olive oil itself does not contain vitamin A. Olive oil does contain fat, however, which is beneficial in low doses but causes obesity when overdone. Although olive oils potential side effects are admittedly few, it is always a good idea to ask your vet "Can cat 's eat olive oil?" and "How much does my pet need?" before jumping whole hog into olive oil

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