Cat Litter Mat Research Paper

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An optimal litter and cat waste management is a critical requirement when it comes to pet management. If your household owns a number of pets, including cats, then it is highly recommended that you take into consideration how you will properly manage the cats’ litter and waste. Just like animals, cats can are also difficult to train, and may resort to ‘inappropriate elimination. They may urinate or defecate outside of the litter box, and in many households, the pets that are guilty of this habit are often punished. This is not only unfair, but also unnecessary since most of the time, it is the pet owner is actually at fault! The problem in some households is that the pet owners use a small dirty box, or they fail to use appropriate products like branded litter mats. Litter mats are helpful materials that can help you manage your cats’ waste, and make sure that the wastes will not interfere with your household chores, or when your…show more content…
To use this cat litter mat, you simply put the matter near the door or outside the litter box where your pets will walk across, and the mat will do its work in removing and catching the waste and litter particles. The mat comes with rubberized fibers, which are responsible in removing and catching the litter mat. This is only available in beige color, but the choice of this color helps make sure that you can hide the accumulated waste and litter. When you think that the mat has accumulated too much waste or litter, you can simply vacuum the mat, or you can shake the mat outside your door to remove the dirt that have accumulated in the mat. You can also use the mat as a comfortable place mat for your pet, in case your cats are messy eaters, and you want to keep the area clean. And as a commitment to product quality and dependability, this cat litter mat also comes with a 24-month

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