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1. The reaction is an oxidation and reduction reaction. Bubbles were observed because oxygen is being release from the reaction as a gas as part of the reduction part of the reaction. Enzymes work efficiently at a body temperature of 37o C therefore if the enzyme was boiled before adding it to the peroxide there would be no bubbles due to the fact that the enzyme would be denatured. The enzyme would be inactivated.
2. The catalase which is the enzyme breaks down the substrate hydrogen peroxide forming the product water and oxygen. There is less hydrogen peroxide concentration as time is increased due to break down of the substrate. As time is increased more oxygen is given off, more water is formed resulting in a decrease in color intensity.
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Catalase acts by breaking down hydrogen peroxide and producing water and oxygen. Glucose oxidase then acts by converting glucose sugar into gluconic acid the reaction then utilizes the oxygen released from hydrogen peroxide

4. Catalase is used in the textile industry:
Catalase is used to decompose hydrogen peroxide and produce water and oxygen. Catalase is introduced in the dyebath before adding dyes and chemicals to remove hydrogen peroxide. Catalase is effective as it neutralizes before the dye is added to the textiles. Catalase is effective in a pH of 6-8. The advantages of using catalase is that shortens the process duration, improves productivity, decrease the amount of water required and saves energy (Zhang, Du and Chen, 2010).

5. Catalase is used in the papermaking industry:
The catalase is made up of Aspergillus niger, the catalase works by removing the excess hydrogen peroxide after the bleaching process. It works by breaking down hydrogen peroxide and producing water and oxygen. The use of catalase shortens the process time, saves energy and reduces pollution. Used as an alternative method due to that fact that it produces cleaner products. Catalase can also be used in the paper making industry to soften wood pieces. (Jegannathan and Nielsen,

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