Essay On Cataract

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The sun is a very important part of human life as it keeps us alive by protecting us from many things, but even though it is important it is also dangerous. The sun emits harmful UV rays that can end up damaging our skin, society, eyes, and many more things. In this essay i will be talking about cataracts. A cataract happens when the lens of an eye dries up. A cataract can causes decreased vision and cause many problems. this decreased vision. A cataract can also cause you vision to become foggy, meaning that handling delicate or dangerous thing can be very difficult, and in certain circumstances very dangerous. Cataracts may seem like an uncommon thing but 90% of Americans have a cataract by the age of 65. This means that by the age of 65 you’ll probably be dealing with a cataract and may need help. Luckily there is already a solution for this problem. There is a procedure called cataract surgery in which the lens of the eye is broken up into multiple pieces, removed, and a new lens is inserted. For the first…show more content…
In order for the doctor to complete the surgery successfully the patient must look at a specific area, because if he moves his eye during an incision there an be some serious downsides. Because of this a cataract surgery is not always optimal. Cataracts can be inconvenient but dealing with them when they’re not a problem of significance isn’t the best of ideas. Even without mistakes the surgery has some downsides after, although they are not very dangerous, i still believe they are worth mentioning. After the surgery it is important that you don't touch you eyes because it can stop the eye from healing properly, after the surgery your eyes also become very sore and
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