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The Catholic Church is the first group of Christians and is considered as the original group from where all the other Christian groups have splintered over the centuries (Ortiz, n.d.). It is primarily a worldwide group of Christians and at the same time, an institution. There is a leadership structure within the Catholic Church. The leaders of this institution are not like those of the kings and queens; rather, they consider themselves as servant-leaders following the footsteps of Jesus. Servant-leaders are those who put themselves at the service of those whom they lead compared to a king who lords himself over the people.
The Catholic Church have been explicitly expressing in partaking its political mission which is clearly shown in the pastoral
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Church continues to have an influence with regards to the social life of individuals. In fact, it is one of the agents of socialization. It socializes people to accept some certain political views that teach the value of respect for authority. It helped shape the morality and ethical values of its parishioners through its teachings as embodied in Church doctrines. The Church ought to be a place where people are educating one another about civic questions and human dignity. It is a place for ‘political seminar’ (Williams, 2011), because it loves and worships a God who transforms human society. Through it, people deliberate about civic virtue and the common good in accordance to God’s love. Religious institutions such as churches are considered as one of those social institutions apart from the government, school, family and others where activities and programs have significant impacts to the lives of the people they are serving (Naillon, 2007).
The relationship between the religious congregations and the civil authority has been a feature of theological debate and political dialogue since ancient times (Frame, 2006). The Church has a positive role in explaining and promoting the various components of a just social order (MRM, n.d.). Whenever the social, political, or economic order touches the moral order, the Church speaks out of its
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