Persuasive Essay On Cats

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All felines want to scratch at things. It’s in their best interest to scratch and sharpen their claws. Things like carpets and couches are what cats target as of the threads and how easy they are to tear. When cats stretch they also tug a the rug which steadys them so they can stretch further. Things like cardboard and scratching post feels satisfying to a cat and makes them want to scratch more.
All cats like to feel superior and like a protector chasing after a mouse or bug. They want to be seen as a protector so if they find a dead mouse or kill a mouse they will bring it to you as a gift. These actions make them feel superior, cats think these “gifts” are a sign that they are strong enough to keep you away from harm. They don’t do this
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Cats domestication isn’t complete yet and they still feel need the need to hunt and to seem upset. Since cats haven’t been domesticated for that long they haven’t had time to adjust to everything. Especially for kittens they are teething and become excited over the slightest movements. These kittens need more time to adjust to the world and humans.
Myriads of people compare dogs to cats and they think cats are “mean” as of the way they like to hunt. The reason cats like to hunt so much is since they are natural born predators. Unlike dogs, cats come from vicious hunters like lions, tigers, panthers, etc. Dogs have -for the most part- always grown with humans and had more time to adjust. Furthermore cats just need time to adjust to everything and people shouldn’t judge them since they don’t know everything yet.
Cats like Grumpy Cat have been seen as not pleased and as Alan Boyle puts it, “a blank canvas.” Dozens of animals can express emotion through their face but cats don’t seem to. They never had the need to. When they are jovial they purr, when they are mad they put their ears down and move their tall. Cats don’t need to use their face to make their point
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