Essay On Causes And Consequences Of Drug Addiction

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“Causes and consequences of Drug addiction”
Causes of drug addiction
Causes of drug addiction include genetic, environmental and psychological factors. Multiple factors play a significant role in drug addiction. When we ignore the person who is taking drugs, rather than taking him or her for treatment; he/she becomes drug addicted. Lack of knowledge and awareness of consequences of drugs also leads a person to drug addiction.
Following are the major causes of drug addiction:
Family and environmental causes of drug addiction:
Environmental causes are the attributes in a person’s surrounding that increase the chance of becoming addicts. Environments where drug use is seen and it is allowed to take drugs, drugs addicts are more common in such
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Families where there is strong bonding and love relationship between parents and children, there are no or less chances that children will become drug addicts. A family’s atmosphere and sense of happiness plays an important role in this regard. Drug addicts often belong to families where there was contact with drugs in the past. It is obvious that if a mother or father is alcoholic than child will also become alcoholic at some time in his/her life. Those children who have neglectful, inattentive and careless parents mostly tend to use drugs. Drug experimentation because of lack of parental oversight also becomes a cause of drug addiction. Psychological causes of drug addiction:
Psychological factors play a significant role in drug addiction. Teenagers are most likely to use drugs because of physical or sexual abuse, strict attitude of parents, neglect-ion of parents and fights in the home. This all results in stress and teenagers start to self-medicate themselves on the name of drugs and this self-medication leads to drug addiction.
Some of the other psychological causes are:
- mental sickness such as depression, stress, anxiety, disturbed mind, madness

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