Essay On Causes And Consequences Of Stress In Nursing

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What are the causes and consequences of stress in nursing? As we know there are majority nurses working in the hospitals where the facilities are opened twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, so the hospitals always need nurses to take care of their sick patients. Also, nursing job is normally involved in a significant amount of physical work as well as mental work which can lead to the nursing occupational stresses. Absolutely, nursing duties and nursing working environment such as doctors and nurses’ relationship, colleague conflict, hospital rules, and patients’ demands are classified as the main factors impacting a lot of stress on nurses. Those impacting factors are known as nursing occupational stress. If a nurse does not know how to handle the occupational…show more content…
I agree with the authors that when a nurse understands her assignment, she will perform the job well. However, here will be a stress for a nurse with uncertainty of duties. As we are living in the same community, we need to support each other to live better because no one can do all the jobs by oneself. Therefore, nurses need the support from nurses’ team members as well as the encouragement and reward need to be honor to hard working nurses. Sadly, there are lack of support among nurses and lack of reward. There will be some aggressive misbehavior patients whom nurses must deal with sometimes. I believe that if a nurse is taking too personal, the nurse will be developed a high stress level when nurse must face with aggressive

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