Essay On Causes And Effect Of Mobile Phones

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Causes and Effects of Mobiles Mobile is a portable telephonic device which has an access to radio system and can be used to contact throughout where ever you are worldwide (without physical appearance) it has changed history now. Mobile have become too much main stream in everyone’s life. The World has population of almost 7,012,000,000 people and in those 7,012,000,000 people almost 6,800,000,000+ are having a mobile phone. Back in 1973 first mobile phone released, although back in 1992 first text message was sent by a young engineer whose name was Neil Papworth. And now everyone is having their smartphone devices using social sites (Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Whatsapp) too contact their relatives, having business meeting, knowing what is going on around, telling people by taking their snap and posting in social site to tell them where are they or what are they doing etc. Few Years before people were not able to afford mobile. It was counted in elite class (Famous/Rich People) having mobile phone with internet and using social websites. Not everyone knew about social websites nor didn’t know how to use it. This topic discus about the causes and effects on Mobiles phones and how did it became dependent on everyone’s life?…show more content…
However mobile phones have caused playing a major role in our lives by making physical contact less and making it a limited conversation at a phone call or texting you and replying you late. It is causing personal relationship problems by having less interpersonal interaction between a wife and husband, parents and their child and even a teacher and a student. It is also causing health

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