Essay On Causes Of College Education

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College is the pathway that leads to the rest of a person’s life. However, this path is not easy or perfect. No, this path comes with countless obstacles and, quite often, people become too overwhelmed to complete the journey and discover where the path ends. Instead of taking a break, most of these students just leave school all together. They give up. So, why would they do this? Why do they decide to sacrifice their education? A few of the leading causes of college dropouts are financial problems, stress, and an unwanted career path.
One of the main causes of student dropouts is financial issues. College is expensive, and students attending a community college or a university tend to have a solid reputation for being insolvent due to these
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If a student feels unsure of what he or she wants to do, then that student may look to others for help on deciding a major. If a person puts his or her future in the hands of someone else, then that student is taking a significant risk. This could lead to the downfall of their education. For example, an internet celebrity named Daniel Howell began studying law at the University of Manchester in 2010. Only a year later, Dan decided to drop out to pursue his current career, which involves making comedy videos online. Why did he make this decision? Well, the answer is quite simple. Dan followed the advice his parents gave him instead of doing what he wanted to do. His father convinced him to try law instead of encouraging Dan to find what he liked to do. Steve Jobs, the founder of the Apple company, was another “famous drop out”. He quit his classes at the age of 19 to find something more appealing to him, and instead he began to join creative writing and calligraphy courses in his free time. Finding the right career option can prevent a student from dropping out and will allow them to enjoy school more than the students who follow another person’s career
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