The Influence Of Fast Food Restaurants

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Meals which can be prepared within no time is known as fast food. There are famous large International fast food restaurants like McDonald's, Starbucks, Pizza Hut growing quickly from one city to another and all over the World (Balasan, 2010). Now fast food restaurants are found on everywhere. A fast food restaurant is also known as a quick service restaurant. These kinds of restaurants have minimal table services so the customers have to do all the things alone. As we all know fast food restaurants are becoming more popular day by day and people and small children are getting addicted to these types of fast foods. ‘People nowadays are always in hurry as they are having a lot of work to do, it maybe their job or they have to take care of their…show more content…
As we all know price is a big factor effecting almost all the products and services. So, in fast food restaurants the price of their products is low so it attracts many customers. “Finding inexpensive dining out option is a very necessary thing to the large families, which make up a large percentage of fast food customers. Most of the fast food restaurants offer value meals or items for less than eight or nine dollars, the customers who are budget conscious would be attracted to these options.” (Edrington,…show more content…
In marketing, fast food restaurants are having successful brand advertisements like: a place where kids could have fun and where friends and family could gather together happily. Due to these positive images, consumers are attracted to these fast food restaurants even though their food is not that different. As we all know there would be some who are not affected by these branding and advertisements these types of people could be influenced by their family and friends influenced them, they also go eat at fast food industries. Due to this factor, large fast food companies will keep growing more big and successful while small food and beverage operated companies will remain same have limited room for their growth.’ (Amandang, 2010) Moreover, another biggest argumentation for the popularity of fast food restaurants are the efforts of the fast food restaurants in order to improve their products and services due their popularity. As some businesses are franchise businesses they would try their level best in order to keep the name of the business famous. In order to improve the products of the company the restaurants may include food quality in diverse taste. For example, KFC in Thailand offers a special taste which may not

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