Essay On Causes Of Globalisation

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Introduction Globalisation is the process that brings together the complaints nations of the world under a unique global village that takes different social & economic cultures in to consideration. First this essay will analyse globalisation in a broader term, second the history and foundation of globalisation that were intended to address poverty and inequality, third the causes that lead to globalisation and the impact that globalisation has on the world’s economy. The participation in the global economy was to solve economic problem such as poverty and inequality between the developed and developing nations. What is Globalisation? Globalisation could be defined from a descriptive and prescriptive sphere of the economy. Descriptive, globalisation is views as the fastest growth processes of the world-wide connectivity…show more content…
The Causes of Globalisation Globalisation has many causes but the one we take seriously is the economy and leave out the rest, the global causes have contributed on the world’s economy such as technology, financial, multinational corporations, labour and foreign direct investment. Technology, over the past decade technology has improve the way the economy works and communicate (people could sent important emails to a client who are half way across the world); technology has made a huge improvement in our everyday life’s through the internet (Scholte, 2000:101 in Hirst & Thompson
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