Essay On Causes Of Revolution

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The Outbreak of Revolution "I have a dream" is one of the most influential sentences in history, said by Martin Luther King, the famous revolutionary who called for justice and equality. Revolution is a historical process and the main reason for a new world appearing. Politically, revolution means changing or overthrowing the old regime to make a complete change in society and fundamental institutions. In other words, changing the current oppressive system to a new, fair, and impartial political system to provide all rights, freedom, and renaissance society. However, revolution sometimes has a negative effects on the country and the citizens. Mostly, revolutions happen in similar patterns and have comparable causes and effects. The main important causes for revolution are governmental and political corruption and colonization. In addition, revolution has many positive and negative effects. Many revolutions started because of government corruption. Linguistically, the word “corruption” when it used as an adjective it means utterly broken. In a general definition, it is the abuse of using public power on illegal targets or sometimes for personal gain or benefits by the governmental employees. There are many forms of political corruption. The most common are…show more content…
However, there are many factors that led to decolonization caused by revolution. First, an increase in the level of education and cultural awareness. Second, dramatically increasing in nationalist movements and demanding the right to self-determination. For example, Satyagraha, which is a nonviolence resistance against colonialism made by Mahatma Gandhi. This kind of anti-colonization movements causes much of the chaos and led to the inability of the colonial powers to control. Ultimately, violent revolutions erupted demanding for independence caused a revolution to end
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