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CAUSES OF OF INCREASE RATE OF ROAD ACCIDENTS IN MALAYSIA I.INTRODUCTION: A).Heard of a saying “don’t drive like a chicken”,lately drivers in Malaysia are driving like one. B) Road accidents do not always occurs frequently in Malaysia, but wth country becoming vastly advance in economics and technology thus the population of the country increases making the rate of road accidents in the country increase of late. C) The cause of the increase rate of road accidents in Malaysia are, the driver’ behaviours and condition of the roads. II) BODY: A) The first cause of the increase in the rate of accidents in Malaysia are caused by the driver behaviour itself. 1) Humans tends to have…show more content…
2. To prevent this accidents the government must implement more strict rules and teach the young ones the true ways of driving. C) Futhermore the other cause of the increase of road accidents in Malaysia is due to the condition of the road. 1) The condition of the road used by the drivers plays an important role in avoiding accidents from occurring,because the better the road ,the smoother the journey will be.But with the road in Malaysia that are narrow and sometimes dark makes it easy to have accidents a) Recently, there was an accident at kilometre 39, Jalan Johor Bahru, Ayer Hitam. The collision was between a factory bus and lorry at the narrow and sharp bend. Consequently, 5 Indonesian workers died, 7 paralysed and 26 seriously injured. All of them were the passengers of the factory bus. Chief Inspector, Zainal Abidin announced that, the victims died after getting a serious injuries especially on their heads. i) (the suns,2007) 2) Besides the roads in Malaysia are not smooth and somestimes full of cracks ,this situations can lead to accidents also,so the road conditions plays an important role and the cause of the increase of road

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