Essay On Causes Of Sexual Violence In South Sudan

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Causes of sexual violence in South Sudan

‘The captain ordered the soldiers to choose any woman they felt like they wanted among us. Ten soldiers chose me… They took me inside a small room where then they decided to rape me. They pulled off my clothes and the 10 of them raped me, twice each… Some of them wanted to rape me using objects but others advised them ‘We shouldn’t do that, let us just use our penises.’ They used both sides [vaginal and anal rape].’ Nyaguene

There are so many causes of sexual violence in South Sudan, looking closely and clearly at the incidences where sexual violence happens, one would realize that the predominate causes of sexual violence in the country is Civil conflict among other factors that might be also contributing to increase acts of sexual violence in the country.

In the ongoing civil war, there are some evidence to suggest that sexual violence has been used as a weapon of war, other instances of rape and other-related offenses appear to be far more indiscriminate, in most cases the perpetrators openly abuse their
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Another factor that is making sexual violence prevalence in South Sudan is weak Criminal Justice System and vagueness in faces of some South Sudanese legislation. The current South Sudan Penal Code Act 2008 section 247 criminalized rape as: sexual intercourse or carnal intercourse with another person, against his or her will or without his or her consent as an offence of rape, it went further that a consent given by a man or woman below the age of eighteen years shall not be deemed to be consent within the meaning of the Act. While Sexual intercourse by a married couple is not

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