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Alluring and Thrilling. These two simple words aptly describe a celebrity’s life! But do you think that a celebrity can be a perfect role model, for others to aspire for? What first comes to your mind when you think about a celebrity being a role model? The answer to this depends on what you consider a role model to be. For me, a role model is the one who can be looked up to as the ideal personality that would inspire me to be better person than I would otherwise be! For certain, I have noticed that teens are very much influenced by celebrities. However, this is a basis on which celebrity you pick as your true role model. This is because celebrity life is a double edged sword and we have seen instances where the lavishness of life has derailed many celebrities in…show more content…
A debate continues about ‘WHY SHOULD A CELEBRITY BE CONSIDERED AS A GOOD ROLE MODEL?’ A celebrity is always in the public’s eye. Having a celebrity as a role model can have a positive impact, especially those who lack parental role modelling. Plenty of famous people can be great role models for young people. They use their fame and popularity for positive reasons which may potentially change someone’s life for the better. One example is the one who is rightly known as "the most powerful woman in the world”- Oprah Winfrey. She was exploited and sexually harassed from a very tender age of nine to thirteen. Despite her harsh childhood she was determined to not let her past affect her future. Her courageous story of resilience and determination has won the hearts of millions around the globe. Currently, she is one of the most famous people worldwide and has her own talk show. There are other examples of good role models- Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Watson and Taylor Swift. Leonardo DiCaprio the actor has created his created a foundation to educate people about the environmental issues in the world. This encourages people to become aware of the

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