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In this essay, the impacts of celebrity culture upon political communication will be discussed, particularly what celebrity culture is and how Barack Obama the celebrity president used this and new media (web 2.0) to influence public opinion and win the 2008 United States Presidential elections. And how his successful campaigning made him a celebrity because of the extensive publicity event, that was the campaign. Also how celebrities affect public opinion, and how they are used in political communications through their endorsements. And the way celebrity culture, popular culture and public relations has changed how politicians act and changed the way campaigns are conducted. Due to new media (web 2.0), popular culture and public relations, politician now have ‘Public Personas’ and have become celebrities. Politicians and their public…show more content…
To have the younger generation aware that they exist and to get the information to the public about their political agendas politicians have had to innovate the promotional strategies they use; they have to go on talk shows, use and be active on social media platforms, have celebrity endorsements and be more active in making public appearances, however planned these all may be, these public relations- publicity activities still have to be done to have the public aware of their existence, just as celebrities have to do to stay in the public eye. According to Epstein Celebrity Culture is the values,largely, of publicity and it has institutions, contain values and exist around

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