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In these days, many company use celebrities endorsement marketing to increase brand image and brand awareness therefore increase sales ultimately. What is celebrity endorsement marketing? Celebrities endorsement marketing is one of the marketing method that use of those famous people to attract people’s attention in order to enhance brand awareness.
So, how does celebrity endorsement enhance brand awareness and brand image? In my opinion, celebrities can enhance brand image through the credibility of celebrities. When a celebrity endorses a brand, he is representing the image of the product and its meaning to consumers. So, the credibility of the celebrity is crucial. Consumers always believe in public figure, they perceive a celebrity endorser
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People always remember the product as it has been endorsed by the celebrities rather than the unknown artist. Hence, people are willing to try and buy the brand that they remember and have a good perception quality rather than other brands. Through this, celebrities help the brand stand up among the clutters in market. Products which have a celebrity relation will always draw more attention from consumers. Consumers may not think or see the products first; they will probably look at the endorser first. This shows how a company can improve sales and raise brand awareness despite of the qualification of their…show more content…
The celebrity that a company chose should match the principles and image of the company. For example, a company that selling hair shampoo products always look for celebrity that have a shiny long hair to be the brand ambassador. Company will find celebrity with white and neat teeth to take toothpaste advertising rather than the celebrity with dentures. Also, most of the cosmetic products are endorsed by female celebrity since women stand higher percentage in using cosmetic products. Female celebrities that with flawless skin and beautiful features are always chosen to endorse cosmetic or skin care products. With their beautiful looking and sexy make up, the products will start to get attention from potential

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