Importance Of Mobile Phones Essay

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The most influential device in today’s world is cell phones. This great invention minimized the communication gaps between the developing and developed countries. Many people consider cell phone technology a blessing for them, because they think it is the easiest way to convey their messages. It is true that cell phones have great importance, but also they affect ones identity. Using of cell phones shapes a person’s identity and behavior. In past, lack of technology created communication gaps which were huge problems to grow economy; it was due to the large distances among the countries and continents. Hence, invention of cell phone technology made life easy for all people around the world, they can talk about business, education and many other deals can be done through this new invention. Cell phone technology is one of the strongest ways to influence people’s identities positively as well as negatively, such as connecting to the world; distracting teenagers from studies and also isolating people through games and entertaining apps. Many people believe that cell phones keep them up to date with their official work and business…show more content…
Firstly, the good impact of cell phone is they keep us in touch with the entire world around us. Thus, our personality looks smart and aware. Secondly, distraction from studies affects people’s mind and behavior. It becomes a psychological problem at homes when a child is on wrong way. Lastly Cell phones highly prohibit human physical activities, like exercise. It is due to the games software in mobile phones, which cause laziness among the users. Hence, isolation from others also causes problem in maintain a normal behavior. Therefore, a person should be able to understand what is good and bad for Him. It depends on him, whether he use technology as a blessing or

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