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Natalia Corporan Crespo Prof. Higgins Research Methods in Psychology November 10, 2014 Cellphone Addiction Observational Study: Introduction Technology has opened doors for communication. It has allowed communication across barriers created by distance. Cell phones are devices that are widely used in terms of communications in the digital era. However over the years cellphone have increased their functionality. Technological convergence has allowed cellphones to become a tool for completing actions beyond calling while on the move. This has led people to see cellphones as vital rather than a luxury. A survey showed that overvalue their cellphones; 25% of the subjects claimed to be willing to lose their wallets as opposed to losing their cellphones. Because technology keeps evolving, and taking into consideration the constant growth in cellphone use Byington, K. W., & Schwebel, D. C. (2013), it is important to evaluate to which extent are cellphones exceptional in one’s life. King, A. S., Valença, A. M., Silva, A. C., Sancassiani, F., Machado, S., & Nardi, A. E. (2014) examined cell phone dependency in patients with Panic Disorder and healthy people. This study hypothesized that because people with anxiety disorders, such as Agoraphobia, tend to build dependency on technological devices, the absence of cellphones would be correlated to higher levels of anxiety as opposed to healthy people. The sample was composed of 70 healthy people and 50 people with Agoraphobia, aged

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