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Should We Allow Cellular Devices in Classrooms?

Although cell-phones can be a distraction in the classroom, they can also be a big help to students. With the use of cell phones in class student and schools can benefit from easy acceptable classroom tools,less cost of classroom technology, and web access easily accessible to students. So why do we not allow cell phones in the classroom if they can help improve our classrooms and schools?

Classroom tools are hard to carry around and find. Calculators, dictionaries, textbooks, and so much more are now found on cell phones, which is way easier to access than carrying everything around.So why not use your phone which has easy access to all these tools? Cell phones can also bring a new and
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Research is almost now found all online. So why don’t we use our cell phones as a research tool, rather than having to find a chromebook cart or move your class to a computer lab for days. “A middle school math teacher in New York City and author of This Is Not A Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class and Education, agrees that these bans widen the gap between disadvantaged students and their peers. He believes forbidding cell phones just limit students’ access to technology, especially for those who attend urban schools.” Using our cell phones are an easy way to get a research project done. It 's easier and just as effective.

Consequently, many people see cell-phones as a distraction. That maybe they won 't be researching for a project, but be on a social media platform. As we students mature we become to understand that there is a deadline for assignments, if we are to fail an assignment because it wasn’t finished due to the fact that we weren 't using our resources wisely then that 's on our part. Using cell-phones in the classroom is easier, more flexible, and more resourceful. As students, we want you to give us a little more freedom and responsibility that can transact a better and easier classroom
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