Essay On Aerobic Cellular Photosynthesis

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Aerobic cellular respiration and oxygenic photosynthesis are the main pathways of energy flowing in living things. Photosynthesis is known as a process that is used by plants, algae and bacteria get energy from sunlight into chemical energy. Aerobic cellular respiration makes ATP, finalizes e- acceptor is oxygen. Aerobic cellular respiration involves the products of photosynthesis, which are glucose and oxygen, while photosynthesis uses the products in aerobic cellular, which are carbon dioxide and water. These reactions are how cells make and store energy. Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplast, while cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria. Although these processes differ, they do have several similarities.
Aerobic cellular respiration
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It involves carbon dioxide added to water added to sun energy then is yielded to sugar and water. Photosynthesis is also the location of pigment reaction, meaning it’s where the molecules are usually located. Similar to cellular respiration, plants get their energy through photosynthesis. This is a process which happens when the sun (and certain types of lights) is present. Taking place within plants and some bacteria, more specifically the chloroplasts. The chloroplasts, located in the leaves, absorb light. What gets the carbon dioxide, though, are the pores on the leaves, which are called stomata. Carbon dioxide enters there and oxygen leaves. This is the opposite of the cellular respiration is as humans go through. The last key needed for photosynthesis is water. This part is more visible, mostly because the roots absorb water, which goes up plant stems and to the leaves. There are 2 stages of photosynthesis, which are the light reactions (the photo part of photosynthesis) and the Calvin cycle (the synthesis part). The light reactants produce convert solar energy to chemical energy. The 2 compounds of chemical energy are NADPH and ATP. NADPH acts as a reducing power, while ATP is the all-around energy currency of cells. It doesn’t produce sugar that happens in the Calvin cycle. It does generate ATP, using chemiosmosis to power the phosphate group to ADP, and this
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