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Celtic Mythology and Agricultural of the United Kingdom Ancient legends and poetic monuments of every country and every nation make great interest and value not only for the country itself, but also for all of humanity. Celtic mythology is widely spread across Europe in the I millennium BC, when the Celts settled in the vast territory up to the British Isles. It reached its maximum development in the last century BC - in the period preceding the Roman conquest. Celtic mythology almost does not know the gross atrocities occurring in the legends of the Germans and Scandinavians. It is as charming and picturesque as the Greek, and at the same time very different from the mythology of the Greeks, which is a reflection of the mild climate of the…show more content…
One of the frequent themes of the Celtic legends is a meeting a beautiful girl with the king, which happens nearby some water source. The Celts left behind a lot of the characters used in modern culture. In Ireland, the ubiquitous so-called "Celtic Cross" is the cross on high legs enclosed in a circle. Nowadays, the Celtic cultural heritage is inextricably linked to mythology, it is experiencing a revival. We can say that in contemporary culture there is a fashion for Celtic mythological images and symbols (van Hamel,…show more content…
Caesar tells us that they have exported grain and the skin on the continent before the Romans invaded the territory. The seeds, which are, for example, in the tombs of the pharaohs, are the same, the Celts have grown, but they are growing better. If we compare the results of research in the ancient Celts economy with the modern age, and for this should go to the time of the chemical revolution - in 1950-60-th year, when chemicals really began to have an impact on agriculture, the results show yields for one and a half tons per acre, which is more than it was in 1050 on average in the United Kingdom (Morrison,

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