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INTRODUCTION Millipedes and centipedes are found under the class myriapoda. During the ancients they were known as harmful to humans on account of their poison bite. This class is the most widely distributed and are found in most parts of the world. Some writers have supposed that the world which is translated in the bible is really scolopendra which is a genus for centipedes and his made the centipedes to be the earliest mentioned of the myriapods. Centipedes were noticed in the in the classical times. Centipedes were mentioned by an Elian, who says that the whole population of a town called the Rhetium were driven by a group of scolopendras and this was said that it should be a marine animal. centipedes occur in all continents with about 1700 species recorded worldwide. Millipedes share one invariable…show more content…
they have elongated and usually flattened animals with a large number of similar body segments. Centipedes have legs that have four segments of which the terminal one may be further sub segmented and all the legs are the same, except the first pair which are transformed to poison claws and the last which elongated and closed up and backwards as tail feelers. The last legs have a terminal attaching claws and may be variously modified into leaf like rattles organs with spines to grab and hold prey. Centipedes have spiracles pores that are found on top of each leg. Centipedes have a system of breathing, they breath with tubes ranges from the spiracles throughout the body. They have the extrudable external gills between most of their legs which enlarge breathing surface of the animal like in other animals living in water. Centipedes appear smooth and shiny. Centipedes have hairs all over the body which are sensitive to touch and vibrations, this hair helps them to sense their environments. Reproduction and life cycle of the

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