Essay On Centralia Fire

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Millions of firefighters and policeman have sought out answers for the brutal fire located in Centralia Pennsylvania. In 1962 a coal mine exploded in a rural town called centralia. Centralia is a large Irish immigrant town that has experienced a sweltering fire that has spread under the city 's streets. This resulted in people losing their homes and having to leave the city. The fire is still burning slower than 50 years ago but is still causing problems for Centralia. Problems that include, such as poisonous gases floating in the air; Hazards of sinkholes on roads, that surround houses and buildings. The risk that a child or an adult will fall in the burning coal, this hazard became a terrifying true story, the story of a 12 year old boy named…show more content…
Before 1962 it was describes as, “Never a large town” because it’s Irish population(bellows). Back in the late 1800’s to early 1900 the US had problems with immigrants coming into their country. People who were not Irish did not seem to want to live in Centralia until the middle of the 1900s. The town only consisted of one library, 2 grocery stores and a few other convenience stores. Which rarely occurs in today 's society because we have a wide selection of grocery stores and convenience stores. But a sudden halt came upon Centralia 's coal mine business and all of the other 50 states in the United States this was because World War one was rising up. Wifes and daughters had to give up their husbands, sons and brothers so they can fight for the life’s of the citizens of the United States of America. With brothers, Sons and Husbands fighting for freedom the coal mines shut down and millions lost their jobs. For this very reason residents living in Centralia Pennsylvania had forgotten all about the coal mine all together and went on with their lives. With people not being educated about the town’s history and science behind coal and hazards that fall with it. As thousands of lives were endangered when a fire uproared underground the town and many other parts of route 61. Route 61 had to be shut down because the ground was and still is caving in from the blazing flames of
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