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The ceramic pan: You must know

What would the world be without a delicate steak, hearty baked potatoes or a sugar-free pancake? Thus one thing is firm - every household should have a good pan to make numerous treats quickly and easily. But pans are like sand at sea - from different materials, with different coatings and from many manufacturers. It is very difficult to choose the right pan, according to your needs and requirements. We will show you why it is worth to name a ceramic pot.

The basis of each ceramic pan
Unlike the name ceramic pot suggests, this is not completely made of ceramics. The ceramic is used in such a cooking utensil in the form of a coating. The base of such a pan is usually stainless steel or aluminum. While the stainless steel
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Depending on the brand and series, the pans may have a floor with special titling and special characteristics. For example, Tefal's Ceramiccontrol pan is equipped with a Diffusal® pan, the Fissler pan Crispy Ceramic Comfort has an encapsulated Superthermic floor and the CeraDur® pans from WMF convince through an integrated TransTherm® all-round bottom. The floor is not only important for optimum heat conduction, but also determines the types of cookers that can be used.

Ceramic pans can be suitable for all types of cookers, including induction. However, this is only possible if the floor is made of a ferromagnetic material. The pan shape, which is mostly made of stainless steel or aluminum, plays a minor role. For while stainless steel can be magnetic, aluminum is not to be magnetized. Consequently, it is primarily the soil. In addition to being used on the stove, some ceramic pans can be placed in the oven. So you have the possibility to first serve food on the stove crispy and then let them spread in the oven or to gratin.

An important tip: Read the descriptions of each product carefully before buying to buy the right ceramic pan for your

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