Cerebral Palsy Prevention

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Cerebral Palsy is caused by brain injuries or brain malformation that occurs before during or after birth that affects the brain's development. There are many ways to prevent Cerebral Palsy according to which category it falls into. There are three categories, congenital, acquired and genetic predisposition. Congenital cases are the result of brain damage before the child is born and often happens because of birth complications. It can be acquired in multiple ways such as having a stroke or being in a car accident and it may also be the effect of shaken-baby-syndrome, it can also happen because of an infection or condition that slows down the blood flow to the brain. Or you could just have it in your genetic make up. Prevention methods…show more content…
It`ll probably be expensive too, they have to buy the walkers so there kid can somewhat walk again and they have to constantly go to the doctor. They have to buy them a lot of medicine and things like that and sometimes the kid has to get surgery and it can impact financially and emotionally. There kid might ask them why they can't walk like all the other kids and why the can't play sports. The kid might really love soccer when he/she can't even play and watching that could break the parent's heart.

Other information that is important to know about Cerebral Palsy is that it's permanent but it doesn't get worse as the child gets older. Every 15 hours a kid with Australian descent is born with Cerebral Palsy. You can probably tell when your child has Cerebral Palsy when he/she is around 12-18 months unless it's in its mildest form. People with Cerebral Palsy are likely to have other impairments along with motor disabilities. It is the most common physical disability in children and it usually occurs during pregnancy. Cerebral Palsy has no known cure but you can get therapy to learn the basic movements. I chose this topic because I wanted to know more about it and honestly it seemed the easiest one to find information

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