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The Challenger disaster, it is well known throughout the world, a severe incident that took place at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This tragic incident brought many families to face several disadvantages. Families lost their beloved family members; everything was just so sudden that words could not describe their emotions. Firstly, Challenger is a space shuttle; it was manufactured by Rockwell International’s Space Transportation Systems Division. This structure is now 30 years old. Challenger was less than 2 500 LB. Challenger was an officially completed structure, in February 1978. The area this structure, The Challenger constructed in an area that was within normal range regarding temperature. It was a surprise,…show more content…
Richard was a Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist, and he was one of the many people involved in the commission that was appointed by President, Ronald Regan. When conducting research on the failure of Challenger, Richard discovered some information unveiling the truth of why Challenger had failed. It was discovered, that the O-Rings on the spacecraft`s booster rockets did not have the resilience to withstand temperature under 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and that was a hidden truth. People that worked on the construction, of Challenger hid the fact that there was a certain temperature that the O-Rings would become unsatisfactory, and unreliable. Later during that year, when Feynman attended a press interview, he said, “It was an accident, though had many many warnings that there was something wrong and that it might sooner or later go off, and the warnings were disregarded. He later proceeded to say that, “Again and again I saw in looking through statements, ‘this new flight is within our database’, which just means nothing happened before it’s about the same as we did before, so it can’t be unsafe, because it was okay last time.” Later, he said that this incident was not an accident, because there were many

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