Essay On Challenges Of Sharing Digital Information

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Challenges of sharing digital information

The growth and advances in information system technology nowadays have lead to the sharing of data and information in variety of digital or electronic form such as newspaper online, e-journal, video, images and many more. This happens because of the existence internet and technology that used by almost everyone around the world. The technology makes it possible for people to access valuable information through millions of websites that have been produced by people who are willing or intend to share the knowledge. The technology also allows people to communicate with one another by sharing the digital information through email, instant messaging or in social networking medium.
According to the Diane H. Sonnenwald, information sharing includes providing information, confirming the information has been received, and confirming that the information is equally understood. Information sharing is an important component of information behaviour where the main purpose in sharing activity is to provide the information to others. It is also defined as the act of providing a useful answer to a request for information and distributes the information as knowledge to be shared. As an illustration, digital library is one of the
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They can retrieve the information that they want in internet where the information at internet usually are accessible and have a multiple formats. Additionally, the significance of sharing digital information allows users to get comprehensive information that are including everything. As example, in order to people know any latest news or update about what happens in the world, they can access to the newspaper online, which include the information or news for the worldwide. This sharing information somehow facilitates people to obtain information in a simple

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