Essay On Challenges Of Teaching English As Second Language

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Tackling the Challenges of Teaching English as Second Language

English has become a word language and it has its influence in the fields of education, business and medical science. Though several languages are spoken by the Indian people, there is a need for a language to unite the whole country. That is why, the teaching of English as second language is inevitable in Indian education system. The students in our country learn their lessons either in their regional language or in English. Most of the Indian students hail from a poor family background and
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Special coaching classes can be arranged for slow learners and rural students. 9. The students should be motivated to speak in English, in and outside the campus.

10. The students should be stimulated to read English newspapers and magazines.

11. Parents can communicate to their children in English and this creates a conducive atmosphere to learn English. They should encourage their children to watch English channels, programmes and quiz.

Learners of English as a second language do not achieve a desirable level in language skills

due to various reasons.

1. Students pass their course in schools just by memorizing the contents of their books. After finishing their exams, they tend to forget all the material and cannot keep it in their mind for a long time. As a result it has adverse effects on students ' lives.

2. Language teaching can be acquired by repetition. The English teacher should encourage the students to repeat the language.

3. When there is lack of concentration, the learner cannot learn the material effectively. Lack of concentration can be due to fatigue, improper environment and family problems. The teacher can try to eliminate these factors to some extent and help the learner to gain a good
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