Essay On Change In America

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What is America to you? Democracy is what first would come to mind, it is the core value of what America stands for. Being democratic has given the United States of America a title of a leader of change by its people. Recent survey information from local University of California, Santa Barbara students, the millennials feel as though the democratic system is up to our values with improvement of representation toleration in our nation. First, it is a common agreement that it is important for the United States to be a democracy. Each student had their own reason on why, a common word repeated was that it holds onto our “values”. These values of a democracy all come from different sets of individuals from different backgrounds, however all agreeing that the US holds high regard for its citizens. The…show more content…
Change occurs all around, and that includes with the views of a nation. It is not always as immediate as most would like it to be, but it does end up happening. What seems to be an issue that is pointed out is the nature of which the change occurs, for when asking the question of change, most responded unchanged in the views of representation. As a group the students see the parallels of repression and change, and have pointed out that its only recently that the progress has been made. This thinking is valid and has evidence of truth behind it based on dates and laws established in this nation. A comment from Williams saying, “Democracy is constantly evolving; despite obvious flaws it is a way to improve if we believe we can accomplish it” goes with the can do attitude we millennials pride ourselves in. To improve and get change to happen is identifying what issue, and the biggest issue needing to be handled is the equality of all. As time is showing we are capable of those changes just the means of the leaders and their vision need to step up and be able to actually do the work for
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