Continuity And Changes In Victorian Era Essay

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Undoubtedly, a great amount has changed since the Victorian Era. Technology, fashion, and transportation all have changed in obvious and notable ways. One thing that is harder to define and take note of, however, is how people have changed. Societally, how have they changed? Women in the Victorian Era were diminished and degraded to the point of property, which is a difference from many places across the globe in modern day. Many women were referred to as “Ladies of the Estate,” a distinguished title for a role that didn’t make many women happy. A Victorian Lady of the Estate had no choice in her marriage and was expected to raise children, be as social as possible, and be virtually a servant to her husband, who in turn had complete control over her. Unmarried Victorian women often didn’t stay unmarried for long. Since it was a standard for men to provide for women, women were expected to marry. Young women often went out and socialized in order to catch the attention of possible future husbands (Guy6). Usually, once they gained the attention of a certain man, preparations for marriage were underway soon thereafter.…show more content…
Rich women didn’t want to work, and they didn’t need to if they found a husband that they could take care of and live alongside. Since men often brought in the income, marriage was often necessary to keep a roof over the head of some women (vlmcbeath). For women that couldn’t marry rich, however, they often had to work. This was a relatively newer thing for women at this time, so only some jobs were available. These workers worked in domestic service, needlework, laundry, factories, or farming (vlmcbeath). Though there still is a wage gap between men and women today, it was on a much larger scale in the Victorian Era. Women earned a large amount less than their male counterparts (vlmcbeath). For some, working was a core part of life, and for others marriage was
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