Essay On Changes In High School

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In high school, many things tend to change right before your very eyes and it isn't slow and subtle, oh no it happens about as fast as the flash can run from one side of a football field to the other. Now many of these change aren't too bad or as bad as what is about to come. You end up with 6 classes instead of 3, puberty hits you or stops faster than you can say it, you have different teachers, Longer passing periods which isn't bad, and finally you get friends form different grades. There are many more changes to come but these I can name as just a freshman.

In high school you have 6 classes instead of 3 so that means shorter periods to learn the tons of information we will need in the world, all jokes aside many of the things may seem useless but if you ever are on Family Feud or Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader or if
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One thing that is a major change is that you will have a ton of different teachers and you will now have to get to know them considering you are stuck with them almost all four years, you always have the evil teacher who for some reason hates your guts just by you existing in the same world they do, just by breathing the same air they do but whatever, but then you have the really cool teacher who is pretty laid back and is one of your favorite teachers out of them all. It is sad to leave all of your middle school teachers behind but they will survive, and if you live in a small town like me, you will see them
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