Essay On Changes In The Giver

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Change by Taylor W Sometimes rules must be broken in order to be free, even if following the rules was all he has ever known. In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas the main character changed through the novel.Jonas followed all the rules in the beginning but then in the book he changes and realizes he must break rules to be happy.Jonas knew the risk of breaking rules but would the cost be worth the punishment he will face of being released. In the beginning Jonas followed the rules and always did as he was told.For example,when an instruction was given to the Community to drop what they were doing”instantly , obediently, Jonas dropped his bike on its side on the path behind his family's dwelling”( Lowry 2). Jonas did as told without thinking because that's all he had ever known.Another example was, Jonas took a apple from the activities because he followed the rules”he had, of course, disposed of the apple and made his apology to the recreation director the next morning , before school”(Lowry 29). Once again because following the rules was all he had known he…show more content…
Jonas knew his plan could fail, he could get caught and get punished. He realized rules would be broken and risk had to be taken , but the stakes were high.Another example was, one of Jonas’ rules was to never share a memory unless he was the giver”he was not yet qualified to be a giver himself;nor had Gabriel been selected to be a receiver”(Lowry 148).Jonas knew he was not aloud to share memories yet, he broke a rule again.Jonas was not in touch of how much power he had, until he realized he must be careful before he breaks more
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