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How does a changing economy impact the rest of the country?
The ways that people got around had a lot to do with the changing economy as well as impacting the rest of the country. The Homestead act also had a large influence on the economy. The railroads helped the city in some ways, but also hurt them. Additionally, Boss Tweed became head of Tammany Hall. In the next several paragraphs, I will be explaining my three reasons how a changing economy impacts the rest of the country also and how the economy improved.The changing of the economy had a negative impact on the rest of the country because whenever something was changed it made the economy worse in the different types of acts.
The changing of the economy had a negative effect on the Homestead act by when the homesteaders started moving west and the Indians began to have to deal with strangers. Capitalism was not good in the West because the Native Americans were not happy because the white settlement’s government took over and the Native Americans had to assimilate to their culture. When Congress passed the Homestead Act, which they offered 160 acres of land free to any citizen. From 1862-1900, up to 600,000 families
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The political machines helped immigrants with housing and jobs. In return, the immigrants had to give the political bosses their votes. A politician could ask the worker to bill the city for more than the actual cost of the material and labor. Then the worker would then “kickback” a portion of the political machine. Although the Political machines were able to get away with bribing, for example, to gamble. For example, a good source could be a political cartoon made by Thomas Nast. I know that the poor were getting poorer, but Thomas Nast was a great cartoonist to show that. An example would be when there are people standing in a circle and wondering where their money is
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