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A good school is a changing school. Experts claim that change is inevitable. It is very necessary for schools to recognize their imperfections and be willing to identify the causes of those imperfections and seek solutions, constantly evaluate, accept criticism and then adjust goals accordingly in order to meet the needs of their students. The development of an educational institution ultimately means improving the teaching-learning process as well as the environment in which it occurs through effective leadership. The processes of life and growth demand appropriate change with the passage of time. Since society changes, schools must constantly review and reassess their roles and curricula as “schools are the major institutes which play a vital role in bringing innovation in our society and culture”, Rashid, Hussain and Nadeem (n.d., p. 67). Managing change in schools so that things really do change for the better is a challenging task. Change is not easy. “Creative and effective organizations do not emerge by accident. They require…show more content…
(p.74). Cultural change is challenging and time consuming yet very necessary. The leader needs to be well aware of the necessary changes that the school requires in order to stay competitive and for that the needed changes often require a change in the school culture. The leader might also need to change the norms and introduce new ways of doing things in accordance with the modern time period that the school is a part of. The leader must create an overall positive school culture which includes a flourishing hardworking staff and students. The school leader needs to ensure that the school is able to create a positive culture from within by celebrating its successes, laying stress on accomplishment and encouraging collaboration and fostering a commitment to the staff and student

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