Essay On Character Design In Animation

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CONCEPT OF CHARACTER DESIGN IN ANIMATION This involves working and designing a character- WORKING WITH DESIGN STYLES: The design styles for a character are categorized as REALISTIC and STYLISH. Realistic designs are a close imitation of natural images. However, the stylish characters are a sketch of reality. The main purpose of digital animation is to create realistic characters. Realistic characters are difficult to animate. Hence, while designing realistic human character, a lot of effort is required for the animation to look real. Stylish characters are easy to create as compared to realistic characters. Own rules are used to design a character. The best examples are cartoons.…show more content…
Movements of the animated characters are not restricted as those of real life characters.  Rotoscoping- They are created by tracing real life characters. Animators use the traced materials as a reference and create more cartoons-like characters to replace the traced characters.  Character Animation- It includes characters such as humans and animals. When characters are used in animation, the animation involves not only depiction of motion but also tthye depiction of expression, emotions, and so on. DESIGNING A CHARACTER: A character’s design will depend largely on the personality of the character and the role of the character will be playing in the animation.  Head and body- the most important proportion in the character design is the ratio of the head to the body. Cartoon characters or stylized characters can have large heads than their body. These characters mainly communicate through their head.  Facial characteristics- Faces play a very important role as it helps recognize the character. If you design a good face, the character will be designed well. Faces can be designed using a variety of shapes, such as circle for designing eyes and curves for designing
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