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Character Development through Leadership
The Army defines character as one’s true nature. The inherent values, virtues identity, purpose and morals a person possesses. The goal of the Army’s study is to single out and nurture personal traits so that they will have leaders with extremely high character and ethical beliefs. This will allow leaders of character to further develop our Army and foster individual units to operate within the Army’s ethical belief. The challenge is that all people are different in their beliefs, finding common ground and methods of cultivating character traits is the final step in the process.
The idea behind this study came from General Mark Milley, Chief of Staff of the Army, whose mission was to begin developing
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Currently this development is conducted through Professional Military Education (PME) and leadership courses. The basis for all instruction begins with the Army Values; Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. These values are integrated into army training as early as day one of Basic Combat Training, and are carried out through all steps of Army training.
Although the Army Values are the basis for character building, the challenge has been
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Application of the concept will be adapted to the separate operating environments of each component and community of practice.” (Army White Paper, “Forging the Way Ahead” General Mark A. Milley). Time constraints are also an important element to this project. Due to the operational readiness expected from each Soldier, there is no time allotted for specific character development training. Leaders of all levels need to become versed in the Army’s plan for this project, and teach and mentor at the lowest levels to achieve results and
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