What Makes A Good Team Member Essay

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Have you ever had a bad teammate in a game or a project? Do you consider yourself or wonder if you are a bad teammate? Well, these are things that make a good team member, so watch and learn! Teammates need to communicate well to get things done correctly, and to help do this efficiently, a team member must be open and willing to try new ideas. If teammates do not trust each other, one person may try to take it all into their hands, leading to stress and negative effects for everyone. Also, if a team member cannot stick to things or motivate themselves in order to fulfill goals or standards, they may be an unreliable person, so be careful. In my opinion, good team members require specific traits and skills to get things done correctly, quickly, and at a high quality, and these traits are communication skills, open-mindedness, trust, and motivation. The first characteristic needed would be good communication skills. Without communication skills, people may…show more content…
Trust is very important, but it is a challenging feat to obtain. People within the group must trust one another that way each member will help others reach the overall goal and it makes sure that each team member can focus on one specific task without worrying if the others will complete their tasks. An example would be that if each member needs to collect different types of data, one member can finish collecting theirs and immediately know that the others have finished as well, where if they do not trust you, they will worry about not getting finished, covering another person’s job, and stress over slowing down the project. This is significant because if people are not trustable and people have to do other member’s jobs then it slows down the process and it takes longer to reach that special goal, whatever it may be. That is why I believe trust is important in teamwork, so try to be trustable and be smart about who you
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