Common Traits Of A Cheater Essay

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8 Common Traits of a Cheater
Why does a man cheat? Is it because he’s not satisfied? He doesn’t love her enough? Or is it just because he’s selfish, greedy, and a natural douchebag who doesn’t care about others but himself? Most research indicates that there is a common set of personality qualities that set cheaters apart from the loyal ones.
Here are 8 common personality traits most cheaters possess:
1. Narcissistic
People with narcissistic qualities are typically self-absorbed. They feel a sense of entitlement and will do whatever it takes to nourish their need for “narcissistic supply”, which is defined as the compulsive and extreme need for attention or admiration regardless of other people’s feelings or opinions. Moreover, narcissists
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Any playful exchange with a woman, despite seemingly being small, will be interpreted as an enticement to flirt further. The ironic part is that this is because they lack self-esteem.
6. Insecure
The most unfortunate part of a cheater’s character is that they frequently bear emotional difficulties from their past. Many disloyal people were abused as kids or disregarded. They didn’t get the love and attention they needed as they were growing up. Many cheaters have also witnessed their parents being in destructive relationships as well.
Thus, they develop this fear of solitude that they become dependent to their spouse or partner. The ironic part is that their fear of being alone is that one factor that leads them to find someone else as a sort of a contingency plan. It makes them feel secured that no matter what happens, there’s someone that’ll always be available to them.
7. Sense of adventure
Cheaters are exhilarated with all the secrets and the rush they feel because something huge is at stake. Frequently, it’s the lies and the fear of getting discovered that sends them over the top. Sadly, they only care about the thrill brought by all the hiding and the lying, but not about their partners’
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