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At one time, strength and survival was found in forming bonds with fellow humans and helping each other out. Through friendships and alliances, strong cities were built and clever inventions were created. Today, though, friendships look a bit different. Wikipedia defines friendship as the following: “A relationship of mutual affection between people.” Some of the characteristics of friendship that Wikipedia listed are kindness, love, empathy, honesty, loyalty, enjoyment of each other's company, and the ability to be oneself. In this essay, we will attempt to look deeper into the different characteristics of friendships, such as what mutual affection is, why people need to be around people, how we develop the necessary character traits like…show more content…
It can be linked to loyalty in that when someone understands someone’s feelings and opinions, they can be more inclined to feel that same emotions and convictions. This forms a bond between them and they become loyal to one another. It creates deeper memories between friends in that when they remember a conflict and problem a friend was in, they remember how it felt for that person and how they felt in empathy. It helps us understand our friends more when we see and understand how and why they react to certain things. Having empathy shows us how we can help our friends and support…show more content…
And there are many benefits to that. It is exhausting trying to keep up a charade of being a different kind of person all the time. Not to mention that you are essentially building your friendship on lies and no good and strong friendship can come from that. You’ll be happier when you can express yourself honestly to a friend instead of pretending to be someone else. Being yourself attracts the right people for you into your life. You will make real and significant connections with your friends when you’re honest about what you’re interested in. These connections are what makes for a lasting and fulfilling friendship. You can gain confidence through these kinds of

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